Suzy Vitale
Microbeam Specialist
(202) 478-8918

Suzy Vitale is a Microbeam Specialist at the Geophysical Laboratory.  She maintains and operates the FIB-SEM, crossbeam system, and other microbeam instruments.  Suzy also trains and provides assistance to new and visiting users; performs routine maintenance and sample preparation; and collaborates with staff and students on projects. Additionally, Suzy works with existing microbeam members to maintain the smooth operation of the FIB-SEM facility.

Prior to joining the Geophysical Laboratory, she ran the FIB/SEM lab at Sandia National Laboratories, a materials characterization laboratory at Sandia.  There, she imaged, FIB milled, and characterized a wide variety of materials including polymers, ceramics, metals, metal alloys, composites and metal-organic frameworks.