Yoshio Kono
Beamline Scientist

Yoshio Kono is a Beamline Scientist at HPCAT. He is responsible for developing elastic wave velocity measurement by ultrasonic technique in conjunction with Paris-Edinburgh press and high-pressure synchrotron techniques. Yoshio began his career at Carnegie as a Research Scientist and was promoted to Beamline Scientist in July 2012. He is interested in studying elasticity and equation of state of materials at high pressures and high temperatures. He received a Ph.D. from Yokohama National University, Japan in 2006.

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High Pressure
Washington, DC— New work from a team including the Geophysical Laboratory's Guoyin Shen and Yoshio Kono used high pressure and temperature to reveal a kind of “structural memory” in samples of the metal bismuth, a discovery with great electrical engineering potential. Bismuth is a historically interesting element for scientists, as a number of important discoveries in the metal physics world were made while studying it, including important observations about the effect of magnetic fields on electrical conductivity. 
In August, the Geophysical Laboratory reached a major milestone - the publication of our 5,000th scientific paper!  The first Geophysical Laboratory paper was published in 1905.